Sunrise at the Water’s Edge

The saying goes, “the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things – of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax – of cabbages and kings”.  With that opening line I open my first blog.

What prompted me to start writing a blog (especially when there are millions who already do)?  Simple.  I, like all the others, have something which I think deserves to be said. The events of the last couple of days brings this need into sharp focus, for within the last 24 hours or so, the Thomas Edison of our age, Steven P Jobs, passed away.  I find that I have struggled with this particular loss – not because I am one of his family, or a member of his circle of friends, or even a current or former employee of Apple – but because even though he did not know me, his passion was to make my life (and countless others like me) better and more rewarding.

His imagination, genius, passion, and leadership will be sorely missed – but at least I was fortunate to live in his era…



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